"The DVD arrived safely last week - very quickly, and just what I was hoping for. Thank you. Having just started Tai Chi, I was searching the internet for a routine similar to the one we were being taught, and found Angela on I think You Tube. My son managed to track the DVD down to Australia, and from then came my order. I have some friends just started and have directed them to the video on the internet, and I shall tell them how easy it was to buy the DVD. Many thanks for the prompt service" Allison Dunlop, UK

"I got the DVD with the 18 forms Qigong DVD today. I already practiced with it and It is great! I also got the complementary video of the 24 forms I wanted as a bonus! That was so kind of you, I want to study that form next after I have the 18 form down to memory. I really like your video's of the 18 form and 24 form movements. The soft music is great and the captions under the picture help me to memorize the name of the movement while I practice" Stacy Ladzinski, US

"Danny, I received the 2 DVDs yesterday. They were just as described. Great service and fast delivery. This will make learning 48 form much easier! I have a good teacher but practicing at home with Angela's video will mean I do things correctly from the beginning. Thanks again. When I'm ready for another form I'll check your website for more DVDS." Georgia Caraway, US

Sun 30 Form

Tai Chi: The Practice of the Sun Style 30 Form
with Angela Hsu Cantafio

Total Play Time: 85min Video Format: DVD wide screen,  PAL or NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: English (form names only)

This beautiful form, also known as TCA (Tai Chi for Arthritis) was arranged by dr Paul Lam of Better Health Tai Chi Chuan, based on the SUN style, the youngest of the major styles.

DVD cover design by Raimondo Cantafio;
Front Cover: click on pic to see full size

It is gentle, soft and easy to practice, especially for beginners.
The form has been endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation in Australia and by health organizations from many countries around the world, such as the USA, England, Italy, South Korea and others.
This short form comprising 30 moves is easy to learn and is uniquely suitable for focusing on the therapeutic aspects of Taijiquan.

Our DVD is organised following a new concept and includes walk-through instruction in front, side and back views. Two complete practice sessions are offered, one for beginners, the other for more advanced students. Both include dr Lam's warm-ups routine, the TCA Form (back view) and cool-down with the Lotus qigong.

The dvd is beautifully filmed in serene, Taiji friendly Adelaide, Australia:  on its famous Glenelg Beach seashore and in the magical Himeji city gardens

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Video Format

Click here to watch sample video clip on YouTube

DVD cover design by Raimondo Cantafio
Back Cover: click on pic to see full size

What Other People Had to Say:

“The DVD looks excellent. Angela is a joy to watch and the backgrounds are stunning, especialy the Himeji Garden. This video clip is a stand-alone gem. The music creates a sort of martial atmosphere that is foreground to the bird conflict going on in the background. It looks as though the bird is watching Angela perform and has decided it will leave only in its own good time,which it does, strolling away just before the end. Marvellous." Richard, Sydney

"The Sun style DVD is a great addition to my Tai Chi resources. I especially like the follow through practice to immediately reinforce the move just learnt and the different camera angles give a good view for a beginner. Angela also provides a lovely commentary to the Lotus Qigong which is a bonus on this DVD. The setting is calming and beautiful. It is well worth getting this DVD whether you are interested in Tai Chi for health or for fitness and if you have never experienced Sun Style Tai Chi, you have a treat in store." Maree, Mackay, Australia

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