"The DVD arrived safely last week - very quickly, and just what I was hoping for. Thank you. Having just started Tai Chi, I was searching the internet for a routine similar to the one we were being taught, and found Angela on I think You Tube. My son managed to track the DVD down to Australia, and from then came my order. I have some friends just started and have directed them to the video on the internet, and I shall tell them how easy it was to buy the DVD. Many thanks for the prompt service" Allison Dunlop, UK

"I got the DVD with the 18 forms Qigong DVD today. I already practiced with it and It is great! I also got the complementary video of the 24 forms I wanted as a bonus! That was so kind of you, I want to study that form next after I have the 18 form down to memory. I really like your video's of the 18 form and 24 form movements. The soft music is great and the captions under the picture help me to memorize the name of the movement while I practice" Stacy Ladzinski, US

"Danny, I received the 2 DVDs yesterday. They were just as described. Great service and fast delivery. This will make learning 48 form much easier! I have a good teacher but practicing at home with Angela's video will mean I do things correctly from the beginning. Thanks again. When I'm ready for another form I'll check your website for more DVDS." Georgia Caraway, US

Qigong: Moving Meditation

"Moving Meditation -  In Tune with Nature" with Dan Stefan
****NEW DVD ***      SPECIAL OFFER   $19.95
This dvd is an introduction to qigong, the Chinese moving meditation practice with a history of thousands of years.  Drawing inspiration from this ancient tradition, the beauty of nature, poetry and music, I have created “poetic qigong” video clips that have become quite popular on YouTube. I have now recorded some of these clips to dvd.

Front Cover: click on pic to see full size

The forms are filmed in an easy-to-follow format for you to practice.  No movement  instruction is given. Qigong is easy enough, just to follow through.

Following three forms are presented:
  • Shibashi Qigong: this is the very popular 18 steps dynamic taiji qigong, practiced daily by millions in Australasia 
  • Purple Cloud Qigong: this is a highly internalised Taoist routine that I learned in Wudang, China. Original form name is “Heavenly Spiralling Yin-Yang qigong”.
  • Fragrant Jasmine Qigong: this is a meditation qigong form created by myself, drawing inspiration from  traditional Taoist lore
Total Play Time: 47 min       Video Format: DVD wide screen    PAL or NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: English (form names only)

To buy this item using the secure PayPal facility, press "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" below:

Video Format

Click here to watch sample on YouTube

Click here to watch a video sample on YouTube Click here to watch a video sample on YouTube Click here to watch a video sample on YouTube
Back Cover: click on pic to see full size

What Other People Had to Say...

On Purple Cloud Qigong: 

The whole element/color that's brought to one's attention is so beautiful. Purple Cloud (crown chakra) in the northern hemisphere (China), to the Red earth (root chakra) in the southern hemisphere of Australia. And how the energy flows from above to below. Including all the elements in the poem is beautiful too. Most videos don't talk except to illustrate form. The poetry of this is beautiful. I really knew nothing about Qigong before watching this (though I work with energy in my work). Dan, it gives me the "chills" when I do the exercises along with your video. I feel the energy shifting, it's so powerful. Thanks again. Solaraine

On Shibashi: 

Very nice, amongst other exercises (Qi Gong) I do shi ba shi almost every morning. So far this is the best I found on YouTube. 


I encountered this form some time ago in Beijing and then in Koh Tao (Thailand). It is amazing and you have produced something very special ... thanks for helping me get back to a daily practice. 


The music background choice,the flow and gentleness of the form, the beauty of the surroundings, the perfection of photography, all concur to make this a very special video which is inspiring and helpful to many. 


Your set is inspiring - I love the flow of your moves. The music is perfect for TC Qigong. 


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